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The Climate Strike: Ya Gotta Love Today's Kids

Jeff Hall

Posted on September 20, 2019 14:34

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Today students worldwide are participating in the climate strike. Last year it was the high schoolers in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting. Adults should encourage these future leaders. Protest can work.

Long before my involvement with THE LATEST, I started a community newspaper in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles back in 1991.  It's called the Brentwood News.

I still have a hand in the paper and today I was invited to visit the Archer School for Girls, a private school in the area that does an excellent job of empowering young ladies. 

The school does an equally excellent job attracting a diverse student body. Visit Archer, and you get a glimpse of the future.  And today the future looked promising.


Anouk Braun, Chloe Kido Powers and Misha Mehta of Archer School for Girls. 

Today several students climbed aboard a bus that would take them to Downtown LA where they would participate in today's "climate strike," inspired by Greta Thunberg of Sweden.  Greta is only 16.

Greta Thunberg testifies before Congress.  Photo: CNN. 

Today's students are very inspiring.  They seem to be the adults in the room. 

Too many adults sold out along the way and now can't even consider that maybe guns, pollution, income inequality, astronomical student debt and a ballooning deficit might catch up with us one day. 

That would be bad for business today.

I told the students I met today that when I was their age we used to protest against the Vietnam War.  I think it made a difference. 

As Ronald Reagan once said, "When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat."

Joan of Arc was only 18 when she led the French Army to victory over the English in the battle of Orléans in 1430. 

She literally felt the heat as she was burned at the stake by the English a year later. 

But we remember her all these centuries later. 

Joan of Arc inspires to this day.

It's appropriate to focus on heat, because that's what today's protest is all about -- global warming. 

It is said that if you toss a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will jump right back out. 

If you place the same frog in the same pot but turn up the heat slowly, it will just sit there comfortably till it dies when the water becomes too hot. 

Is that what too many of us are doing now?  Sitting idly in a comfy pot of warm water as it slowly but surely increases in temperature? 

Here's to the kids who are trying to get our attention. Make us feel the heat, kids.

Archer School girls get fired up before boarding the bus.




Jeff Hall

Posted on September 20, 2019 14:34


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