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The State of the Union and the Border Wall

Jeff Hall

Posted on January 31, 2018 11:20

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I don't understand why Democrats are opposed to the wall if that's what it's going to take to finally achieve immigration reform. I'm hoping someone can enlighten me.

I'm about to ask a question of my liberal friends.

I'm not getting why Democrats are so opposed to a wall along our southern border.

It seems to me, if we really want immigration reform, then we need to be able to control the flow of immigration into the U.S. from other countries.

Think of our country as a two-bedroom apartment housing a family of four. We are two parents and we have two kids.

Let's say one day a family of three immigrants knocks on our door, pleading for help.  Out of the mercy of our hearts, we let them in.  We have a pull-out couch and we make room. 

For several days, it's a fun adventure.  We learn of new cultures, the newcomers pitch in to keep the apartment clean and help with cooking, we help one get a job. 

A few days later, four more immigrants show up. 

We're still feeling generous, and we let them stay in the kids' bedroom, moving the kids into our room.  It's an inconvenience, but oh well.

The next day two more immigrants arrive -- family members of the first batch.  How can one say no to family?

You get where this is going.

Soon enough, there simply is no more room, we're going into debt to feed our new friends, and, even though we like our new friends, it's now becoming "too much." 

We wake up one morning and trip over someone sleeping on the floor.  We start yelling at everyone to GET OUT, we change the keys to the front door and slap on a padlock. 

In responding this way, are we horrible people? 

Or are we simply doing what we must in order to survive?

I in no way want to demonize our Mexican friends. 

I happen to like Mexicans very much.  They work hard, they're willing to perform the most god-awful jobs, they seem happy all the while.  They thank you for an honest day's pay. 

LA (and the rest of the U.S.) would be a far lesser place without them.

It's very unfair when people try and blame gang- and drug-related violence on Mexicans.  It simply couldn't exist without U.S. buyers of drugs.  It takes two to Tango. 

The problem with immigration reform that doesn't include border security is that, in another decade or two, we'll be facing the exact same situation all over again.

Ronald Reagan actually granted amnesty once -- in 1986.

It seems to me if a border wall is the price we pay for comprehensive immigration reform, it's well worth it.  We're being told a wall will cost $20 billion, which sounds like a lot, but that's just 3 percent of our annual defense spending, which now totals $640 billion a year. 

And focusing on allowing in immigrants with skills our economy needs just seems practical.

Why are Democrats opposed to a wall if Dreamers get protection as part of the deal?

What am I not getting here?




Jeff Hall

Posted on January 31, 2018 11:20


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