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Don't Be Too Sure!

Mill Woods

Posted on September 29, 2021 18:48

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You have to love the NFL, its fans and its media types, don't you? Before September, it was a foregone conclusion that the Tampa Bay Bucs would make a return trip to the Super Bowl. After all, they brought back all their players from the championship team, right? And they bested the Cowboys in the season opener. Maybe this would be the year that a team would run the table? . . . Nah! Get real.

In only the third week of the NFL season, the Bucs did what I expected — notched their first loss. Yeah, I called that one. I felt the Rams would bring all the right stuff at the right time. That Bucs-Falcons game the week before exposed weaknesses by the Bucs. Tampa built a big lead and then was helpless to stop a Falcons comeback charge. Only a stellar fourth quarter by the Bucs' defense prevented them from suffering an embarrassing loss.

I cautioned fans before the season began that the Bucs were eminently . . . excellent . . . but beatable! This is true of every team in the the 21st-century NFL. The Rams were the first team to exploit the Buc's weaknesses, but they won't be the last. An NFL powerhouse running the table? in 2021? Fuhgetaboutit!

Rejoice fans! The league is already down to only five undefeated teams. I will bet dollars to donuts there will be none left by the time we get to the halfway mark. That's life in the 'Not For Long' business. Buck up, Buc fans, Packer fans, Cowboy fans, Saints fans — look at it this way: the uncertainty keeps life interesting. For those of us who revel in the NFL's parity, the even better news is that there are only five teams left who have not won a game. 

Last weekend's thrilling victories — Panthers over Texans, Rams over Bucs, Falcons over Giants — boosted my prognosticating record. But, as fun as that was, it's time to focus on Week Four.

Two undefeateds — Rams and Cardinals — go head to head Sunday afternoon. The upstart Chargers take on the Raiders. And the Cowboys host those surprising Panthers

Last week, I scored another nice 11-5. Let's keep it going. Here are the weekend's events — and my picks.

Away                        Home                    My Pick

1. Jaguars                  Bengals                    Bengals

2. Titans                     Jets                         Titans

3. Chiefs                    Eagles                      Chiefs

4. Panthers                Cowboys                  Cowboys

5. Giants                   Saints                      Saints

6. Browns                  Vikings                     Browns

7. Lions                     Bears                        Lions

8. Texans                   Bills                          Bills

9. Colts                     Dolphins                    Colts

10. Washington          Falcons                     Falcons

11. Seahawks             49ers                       Seahawks

12. Cardinals             Rams                         Rams

13. Steelers               Packers                     Packers

14. Ravens                 Broncos                    Broncos

15. Bucs                    Patriots                      Bucs

16. Raiders                Chargers                    Chargers.

Feel that chill in the air? Welcome to October!

Mill Woods

Posted on September 29, 2021 18:48


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