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Both Teams Will Be Wearing Red

Mill Woods

Posted on September 9, 2020 22:53

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This time last season, I made the prediction that in the Super Bowl "both teams will be wearing red." It happened — the first time in Super Bowl history — but I got one of the teams wrong. This season, I am repeating that prediction.

I acknowledge that the entire NFL season is up in the air, but there's no point spending too much time guessing whether or not the season can be completed. I'll just focus on what could happen if it can.

Last season, I felt the Atlanta Falcons and SF 49ers had the NFC's two best offenses (with similar offensive schemes), and made the statement: "offense wins championships."  I liked the KC Chiefs best in the AFC, predicting they would best the Patriots and other top AFC teams. I chose the Falcons over the 49ers for the Super Bowl. The Falcons started very slowly, beat the 49ers, but missed the playoffs.  

Why go with the Falcons again to face the Chiefs in February? The league's top offense has:

1. Heavy investment in the O line.


2. Addition of tough TEs like Hayden Hurst and Luke Stocker.

3. A "killer" RB corps headed by Todd Gurley — RBs Brian Hill, Qadree Ollison, Ito Smith and Gurley make up a deeper RB platoon than any other NFL teams can boast. All four are starter material, and Gurley is considered to be one of best pass-catching backs in the league.

4. The best WR corps in all of football.

Top 10 NFL Offenses

1. Atlanta Falcons

2. Kansas City Chiefs

3. New Orleans Saints

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

5. Green Bay Packers

6. San Francisco 49ers

7. Houston Texans

8. Seattle Seahawks

9. Baltimore Ravens

10. Tennessee Titans.

Great offenses still need a 'very good' defense to make it to the Super Bowl. What's the picture?

Top 10 NFL Defenses

1. Chicago Bears

2. New England Patriots

3. Cleveland Browns

4. Philadelphia Eagles

5. Buffalo Bills

6. Baltimore Ravens

7. Atlanta Falcons

8. San Francisco 49ers

9. Tennessee Titans

10. Minnesota Vikings.

My 12 playoff picks

NFC:  Falcons, 49ers, Eagles, Vikings, Saints, Bucs.

AFC:  Chiefs, Ravens, Patriots, Titans, Browns, Raiders.

So, I predict the mediocre Falcons D will rise to #7.  The Falcons' defense has been decent overall, but has been struggling with the pass rush. However the recent and new Falcon DEs are formidable: 

1. Allen Bailey: One year in as a Falcon after coming from the Chiefs.

2. Charles Harris: From the Dolphins, he was drafted 22nd overall in 2017.

3. Dante Fowler: From the Rams, the biggest free-agent defensive move of this off-season.

With the pandemic hanging over everything, we can't assume there will even be a full season, but I plan to enjoy every minute of however many games are played. I also do not have a crystal ball to tell me which players might need to take a seat. This was always a possibility, however, because of the threat of injuries. But I think the Chiefs are formidable and will repeat as AFC champs. As for the Falcons? A #1 offense combined with a top-10 defense would mean that in February, for the second time in history ... both teams will be wearing red.

Mill Woods

Posted on September 9, 2020 22:53


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