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Both Sides are Right; Both Sides are Wrong

Jeff Hall

Posted on September 28, 2018 01:07

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It's all about winning these days. But America loses in the process. The John McCain funeral was viewed by many as a chance to try a new approach. Maybe things have to become even worse before we wake up. But wake up, we must.

Where there's this much smoke, there's got to be a little fire. 

All the reports of Kavanaugh's drinking don't square with his "choir boy" persona. 

That the witness Mark Judge conveniently disappeared surely didn't smell right.

And Kavanaugh's suddenly combative and highly partisan stance seems contrary to the public image he was trying to shape as an even-handed jurist.

Of course, if he really was falsely accused, that would be reason to be angry, indeed.

But if Kavanaugh is as innocent as he says he is, why NOT ask for an FBI investigation so he can clear his name once and for all?  That he didn't INSIST on an FBI investigation makes him look suspect.

I think Dr. Christine Blasey Ford seemed highly credible, but it feels like few on the Republican side really care what she alleged.  Getting their guy approved trumps all.  Taking another week or two to dig deeper wouldn't have killed us. 

But, I must say, I am completely mystified by Dianne Feinstein. 

In Dr. Ford's testimony, Dr. Ford specifically said she wanted to notify the higher ups that Brett Kavanaugh wasn't the guy he claimed to be.  She WANTED our leaders at the highest levels to know the truth as (as she saw it) so they could question and maybe even block him.

So why did Feinstein sit on the letter?  Why not redact Dr. Ford's name and immediately walk the letter over to Senator Grassley?

Dr. Ford might have asked Feinstein to allow her to remain anonymous, but she didn't ask that her allegations be completely covered up in the name of confidentiality.  On the contrary: She WANTED the country to know the same Brett Kavanaugh she did.

So sitting on the letter till the very last minute seems like a calculated decision on the Democrata' part.  Revealing the letter threw everything into disarray and brought about the ugly spectacle we all just witnessed. 

This attempt at a "Hail Mary pass" failed miserably. It doesn't look like Kavanaugh will be blocked; Ford lost her anonymity; we still don't know the truth; and once again, women feel ignored.  Now everyone is mad, more divided than ever before.  People feel sorry for Kavanaugh.

Had Feinstein handed the letter over to Grassley, it's hard to imagine he could have ignored it.  The allegations were just too explosive. 

Maybe, had he known, that would have led to the FBI investigation Democrats say they wanted.

If Grassley tried to bury this evidence, then Feinstein could have rightfully made a ruckus about THAT.

I've admired Feinstein for years -- she has always seemed like the adult in the room -- but I really don't get where she was coming from on this one. 

Maybe fellow Democrats got her to go along with this ploy, I don't know.  If so, too bad.

John McCain was an adult, but he's gone.  Feinstein now seems compromised.  It's time for a new adult to step up.  Any takers?


BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Flake just stood up.

Jeff Hall

Posted on September 28, 2018 01:07


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