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Another Gathering of "Club LATEST" (Our Second)

Jeff Hall

Posted on November 20, 2017 14:13

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Four of us from met up in Chicago in October. This time I met with some of our writers who live in the Bay Area.

Hi there, Jeff Hall here -- I'm the guy who got started.

I had to travel up to the Bay Area on short notice the other day, driving up from Los Angeles.

I asked Tammie Wilson, our head of administration, to send me a list of all our California writers. 

We have around 30 so far in Northern California, out of a total of around 400 writers across the U.S.  Some writers live abroad.

I didn't have time or a venue to contact all 30 on short notice, so I decided to reach out to just two of our editors, instead: Aiya Madarang, our lifestyle editor; and Brian Taylor, our sports editor.